After much preparation I am now set to go to Seattle to attend the International Society of Cellular Therapy and present a scientific poster session.  I am representing Vitro Biopharma at the meeting and presenting our results generated over the past few years regarding cell culture media that is called MSC-Gro™, a product developed, manufactured and sold by Vitro Biopharma. This is a specialized formulation of hundreds of individual components designed to maximize support of the growth and differentiation of adult stem cells called mesenchymal stem cells, abbreviated MSCs.  These cells exist in various tissues such as blood, bone marrow, fat and even teeth that are quite exciting these days.  MSCs are relatively easy to obtain and they have been shown to have therapeutic benefit in a great number of conditions including treatment of diseases, injuries and in regeneration of structures in our bodies.  One of the most studied applications where strong success has been demonstrated is the treatment of injury and diseases of the joints.  The results are strikingly strong and with further development may very well lead to entirely new treatments that offer new therapies that regenerate joints to functional status without the necessity of joint replacement that is so common now.

Clinical use of MSCs requires large numbers of cells that are manufactured to exacting standards of quality and consistency to allow FDA-approved use of this new therapy.  Vitro Biopharma has developed a series of products to support expansion of MSCs for use in clinical studies of MSC therapy.  MSCs are present in small numbers within the body but can be vastly expanded outside of the body through what’s called “ex-vivo” cell culture.  I will be presenting detailed scientific data regarding our MSC-Gro™ media including its comparison to other competing products and a detailed discussion of the issues involved in selection of the most appropriate media for clinical use of MSCs.  A critical issue is safety since we obviously do not want to use any procedures that induce adverse events.  So the discussion of issues involved in safety evaluation, determination and maximization are key components of our presentation.   This work is co-authored by Andrea Hall, who is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado. Numerous others have impacted this work that was performed by Vitro Biopharma including our Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board and other employees, consultants and supporters of Vitro Biopharma.  I greatly appreciate all who have contributed to the completion of this work. We began development of these types of products in the mid-1990’s when we were working on the generation of fertility drugs from immortalized cells.  I will have more comments on this aspect of our business development later.

Jim Musick, Ph.D.
President, CEO and Chairman, Vitro Diagnostics, Inc DBA Vitro Biopharma