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Vitro Biopharma Announces Advances in Stem Cell Therapy without Transplants

Golden, Colorado—June 10, 2014—Vitro Diagnostics, Inc. (OTCQB: VODG), dba Vitro Biopharma, has been pursuing the determination of therapeutic benefits derived from activation of adult stems residing within the human body. This approach is advantageous over transplantation since many of the complications are overcome including, effects of in-vitro stem cell expansion, effects of allogeneic cells and [...]

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Stem Cell Therapy without Stem Cell Transplants Part II: New Paradigm for Treatment and Performance Enhancement

While stem cell transplants are clearly warranted for certain conditions including leukemia & lymphoma, there is growing evidence that activation of endogenous stem cells is an emerging approach to therapy. Latent stem cells require activation of specific biological signaling pathways including mobilization through chemokine signaling, proliferation/differentiation through Wnt pathway activation and epigenetic modulation of specific [...]

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Stem Cell Therapy without Stem Cell Transplants Part I: Current Status

Transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells has been widely used as an approved treatment of leukemia, lymphoma and certain autoimmune conditions for the past fifty years.  Other adult stem cells have demonstrated safety and efficacy in pre-clinical research and clinical trials.  Mesenchymal stem cell transplants have been most widely studied in animals, especially horses & dogs, [...]

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Nanotechnology Offers New Opportunities to Enhance Stem Cell Technology: Application to In-Vivo Imaging

Vitro Biopharma provides basic tools to support stem cell research and clinical development studies including stem cells, cell culture media and measurement tools to assess the functional status of stem cells. We continue to expand our product line to support the expanding needs of our target markets. We are focused on mesenchymal stem cells, a [...]

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