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C. MSC-Gro™ Differentiation Media- Adipogenic

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These products include various formulations of MSC-GroTM Media that induce adipogenesis in MSCs.  Our MSC growth media formulations are all available for differentiation of MSCs into adipocytes including low serum, humanized and serum-free MSC-GroTM.  These products are shown on the previous web page as catalog numbers SC00B8, SC00B9A & SC00B10.  We also offer adipogenic differentiation medium in our humanized, serum-free formulation  that requires either allogeneic or autologous serum supplementation. This product thus allows direct comparison of adipogenesis in allogeneic or autologous differentiation media.

Name Catalog # Size Price Quantity
Serum-free, complete SC00B10-1 500 ml $220
Serum-free, complete SC00B10-2 100 ml $80
hMSC Adipogenic Medium, SCBM Base SC00B21-1 500 ml $75
hMSC Adipogenic Medium, SCBM Base SC00B21-2 100 ml $20
Animal MSC Adipogenic Medium, SCBM Base SC00B24-1 500 ml $75
Animal MSC Adipogenic Medium, SCBM Base SC00B24-2 100 ml $20
Low serum, complete SC00B8-1 500 ml $170
Low serum, complete SC00B8-2 100 ml $62
Humanized, complete SC00B9A-1 500 ml $210
Humanized, complete SC00B9A-2 100 ml $75
Humanized, serum-free SC00B9B-1 500 ml $150
Humanized, serum-free SC00B9B-2 100 ml $50