Modern stem cell technology is rapidly evolving and holds promise to revolutionize medicine by allowing regeneration of any type of cell within the human body

F. Primary Cell Growth Medium

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Our VitroPlus III™ is an advanced formulation of growth media suitable for various primary cultures and cell lines.  It is available as both a low serum and serum-free formulation allowing extension of applications to include clinical studies and biopharmaceutical production through use of a chemically-defined, serum-free medium.  It has been shown to yield strong growth at higher growth rates than traditional media for fibroblast cultures derived from: pancreas gland, cardiac tissue, and various cancer- associated fibroblasts.   It has been shown to support growth of both human and rat fibroblasts. Also, this media supports growth of other human cells maintained in primary culture including: hepatocytes and neurons.  It also is known to support growth of the HEK293A cell line and the rat cardiomyocyte cell line, H9C2.

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