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Corporate Overview

Stem Cell Research and Products

Vitro Biopharma was formed in 1986 and originally focused on diagnostic products and services. During the 1990’s, we operated a CLIA-certified reference laboratory and commercialized specialty biological products targeting a niche market in raw material supply. In the mid-nineties we developed novel cell lines using our patented method of cellular immortalization technology.  This evolved into our present operations focused on the translation of stem cell products and technologies to the support of regenerative medicine advancement to its full potential.

We presently develop and manufacture a series of products based on adult stem cell technology.  We offer both research products to advance cancer and stem cell therapies together with products and services to support stem cell clinical trialsOur research products include stem and progenitor cells, terminally differentiated cells derived from stem cells and specialized cell lines for cancer research called Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs).  We also provide our MSC-Gro™ Brand of cell culture media for the expansion, differentiation and maintenance of our cells.  Our MSC-Gro™ medium is highly competitive yielding greater cell recoveries, higher potency and prolonged stability compared to our competitors.  Our research products have been marketed for several years to numerous customers including Fortune 100 companies, government-funded university labs and biopharmaceutical firms as well.

We received the Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation Leadership award for “Stem Cell Tools and Technology” in 2014.  Since then we have translated our intellectual property of cellular product development & manufacturing expertise into products and services now used in several regenerative medicine clinical trials.  Stem cell-based regenerative medicine may result in revolutionary changes to medicine by the regeneration of damaged tissues due to injury or disease.  Hence, untreatable conditions may be amenable to stem cell therapies, including medical conditions caused by cell death.  We are fully committed to pursuit of clinical studies of stem cell therapies within the guidelines of regulatory authorities including the FDA.  We recently expanded our facility to include clean-room operations for all clinical manufacturing, following GMP guidelines compliant with ISO 9001/13,485 regulations.  Our clinical laboratory for molecular diagnostics is now CLIA-registered. Our business strategy is to grow our established offshore partnerships to provide near-term revenue growth while simultaneously pursuing FDA-approvals in the US.

We are distinct from our competitors by a unique mix of proprietary formulations, technical know-how and patent-pending technology yielding substantial competitive advantages. Through our extensive commercial manufacturing experience, we are capable of highly efficient stem cell production yielding high margins for our clinical trial stem cell therapies.  We also manufacture our own MSC-Gro media for all cellular manufacturing yielding further cost savings and additional manufacturing efficiencies. With rigorous control of all cell culture parameters our clinical grade stem cells are not only economical but exhibit potency advantages as well that optimize superior clinical performance. In addition to Best in Class stem cell products for transplantation, we have also developed stem cell activation products targeting adult stem cells.  This allows us to follow (or proceed) an adult stem cell transplant with further therapy to activate or differentiate stem cells to enhance and maximize the therapeutic benefit of a stem cell transplant.  Our CLIA-registered laboratory also provides biomarker profiling of the stem cells for the quantitation of stem cell status and measurement of therapeutic effects.

Executive Management, Advisory Board and Consultants

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Stem Cell Research Awards

Vitro Biopharma is the proud recipient of the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Stem Cell Tools and Technologies Industry Technology Innovation Leadership Award. Click here to learn more.