VitroBio Pharma Strategic Partners

Neuromics: Specializes in providing reagents and methods for the Neuroscience and Stem Cell Research Community.

Neuromics, Inc. is a very well-established firm manufacturing and distributing numerous life science products in fields including cell-based assays, specialty biological supplies (antibodies, growth factors, hormones, etc) and products for transfection and apoptosis assay. Our products are distributed through Neuromics, Inc  and the CEO of Neuromics, Inc. is a member of the Board of Directors of Vitro Biopharma.

HemoGenix: Develops specialty assays for the life sciences, stem cell and cellular therapy research, biopharma and its contract research services.

HemoGenix®, Inc. has established well-validated measurement systems for quantitative determination of stem cell potency, quality and response to toxic agents through the Halo® assay platform.  Vitro Biopharma and HemoGenix jointly manufacture the LUMENESC™ quantitative assay for MSC potency, quality and response to toxic agents.  HemoGenix® is also a distributor of Vitro Biopharma products.

Lane Gilchrist: Research at CCNY

Dr. Gilcrist is a full professor at CCNY in the Biomolecular Materials Laboratory.  He and his colleagues are developing novel extracellular materials for use in the cell culture of stem cells to mimic physiological environments.  Vitro Biopharma’s CEO is a consultant on an NSF grant that Lane and colleagues received during 2012 to develop novel extracellular materials for differentiation of MSCs.

Celartia: Celartia’s mission is to provide cell culture laboratories with high technology instruments that augment efficiency, reproducibly and quality, and reduce laboratory equipment expenses and waste.

Celartia has developed novel devices for the culture of stem cells under physiological conditions, especially with regard to oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.  Stem cells exist in native niches within the body that are not highly perfused by blood such as bone marrow.  Thus, the relative oxygen tension within stem cell niches is reduced compared to atmospheric levels.  The novel Petaka line of cell culture chambers provides physiological oxygen levels while maintaining CO2 levels typical of cell culture incubators.  Petakas provide numerous advantages to stem cell research and development.  Vitro Biopharma’s MSC-Gro™ Brand of cell culture media performs very well with MSC cultures in Petakas.

StemGenesis Inc:

StemGenesis, Inc. is a US Company with operations in China.  Vitro Biopharma has a distribution agreement with StemGenesis, Inc and is in the early stages of developing distribution of its products into certain Chinese Provinces.

Translational Technologies:

Vitro Biopharma has a long-term relationship with Dr. James Posillico, the CEO of Translational Technologies, Inc.  Vitro Biopharma has out-licensed certain of its patents to Dr. Posillico that are related to treatment of infertility, a global, multi-billion dollar annual market.  Vitro Biopharma presently provides assistance to Dr. Posillico in the development of its business related to manufacture, approval and global distribution of FSH and related fertility treatment drugs.