Clinical Grade Humanized, Serum-Free, Complete SC00B4-3: 1000 ml



MSC-GRO™ Humanized Serum-Free, Complete Media is an optimized clinical media for the growth and expansion of a variety of human mesenchymal stem cells. MSC-GRO™ Humanized Serum-Free, Complete Media supports several passages of hMSCs and maintains the tri-lineage differentiation potential and self-renewal abilities.

MSC-GRO™ Humanized, Serum-Free, Complete Media Features:

Does not contain antibiotics or antimytotic substances
Serum-free, Clinical Grade
Supports long-term growth of hMSCs and other cell lines
Maintains hMSCs self-renewal and tri-lineage potentials
No background differentiation

Storage and Shelf-Life:

Store at 2°C-8°C

Shelf life is 6 months

Protect from light