Modern stem cell technology is rapidly evolving and holds promise to revolutionize medicine by allowing regeneration of any type of cell within the human body

Cell Lines

We provide stem cell lines for use in research, drug discovery and development and pre-clinical studies.  Our stem cell lines include adult cells known as MSCs (mesenchymal stem cells) that are gaining considerable support for clinical efficacy and safety in the treatment of a large variety of conditions including injuries to bone and soft tissue and treatment of numerous other conditions resulting from cellular degeneration. 

Our MSCs & Derivatives include human cord blood-derived MSCs as native cells without any added label and also a variety of derivatives of these cells including various fluorescent formats, and an Oct3/4 transfected cell line that shows increased potency compared to native MSCs. Our fluorescent MSCs include membrane-labeled fluorescein and rhodamine cells, GFP-expressing and green-fluorescent nanoparticle labeled MSCs. We are currently developing SPIO (supra paramagnetic iron oxide), nanoparticle-labeled human MSCs and plan to introduce dual labeled MSCs.  SPIO-labeled cells enable MRI and NMR imaging procedures

We have recently added a series of terminally differentiated cells derived from MSCs.  These are produced under controlled conditions resulting in reproducible cellular characteristics reflecting native tissues.  Our present offering includes chondrocytes and osteoblasts, while endothelial cells are presently in development.  These products are suitable for in-vitro cell-based assays for drug discovery and development and for regenerative medicine studies as well.  Our terminally differentiated cells are available in a variety of formats as well, including native, fluorescein/rhodamine-labeled and SPIO-labeled as well.  We are capable of providing custom cell lines as well, for example, luciferase-reporter genes for specific applications.

We also provide a well-characterized human primary pancreatic cell line for various research applications including generation of iPSCs, study of CAFs (cancer-associated fibroblasts) and vaccine production.

All of our cell lines are supported by media manufactured by Vitro Biopharma as well (See link to Cell Culture Media)

Our cell lines are well-characterized with regard to species authentication using sensitive PCR methods to quantify non-conserved genes including COX1, Cytochrome B and actin.  We also utilize karyotyping to authenticate our cell lines.  Adventitious agents are also tested negative by sensitive PCR methods including known viral contaminants and mycoplasma.  Performance is assured by rigorous testing of viability, growth rate and differentiation capacity for formation of chondrocytes, adipocytes and osteoblasts.  Our MSCs and derivative are characterized with regard to phenotypic cluster designation antigens.


Group Name (click on a group to expand it's products)
MSCs and Derivatives
Name Catalog # Quantity Price Add to Cart
Cord Blood-Derived Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells SC00A1 500,000 cells $450 per vial
Hoechst-labeled Human MSCs SC00A1-HC 500,000 $500 per vial
Stress-selected Human MSCs SC00A1-SS 500,000 cells per vial $600 pervial
Fluorescein-Labeled Human MSCs SC00A2 500,000 cells $500 per vial
Rhodamine-Labeled Human MSCs SC00A3 500,000 cells $500 per vial
Green fluorescent nanoparticle-labeled human MSCs SC00A4NP 500,000 cyropreserved cells $500 per vial
Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Expressing Oct3/4 SC00A6 500,000 cells $650 per vial
Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells SC00AD1 500,000 cells/vial $450 per vial
Differentiated Cells Derived from MSCs
Name Catalog # Quantity Price Add to Cart
hMSC-Derived Neural Stem Cells SC00A1-NSC 1,000,000/vial $650 per vial
Native human osteoblasts derived from MSCs SC00A11 500,000 cells $450 per vial
Fluorescein-labeled human osteoblasts derived from MSCs SC00A12 500,000 cells $500 per vial
Native human chondrocytes derived from MSCs SC00A7 500,000 cells $450 per vial
Fluorescein-labeled MSC-derived Human Chondrocytes SC00A8 500,000 cells $500 per vial
Rhodamine-labeled human chondrocytes derived from MSCs SC00A9 500,000 cells $500 per vial.
Cancer Associated Fibroblasts
Name Catalog # Quantity Price Add to Cart
Human endometrial adenocarcinoma CAF01 1 million cells, cryopreserved 600
Human ovarian serous tumor CAF CAF02 1 million cells, cryopreserved 600
Conditioned media from endometrial CAFS CAF03 5 mL 250
Conditioned media from ovarian CAFs CAF04 5 mL 250
Human colorectal CAFs CAF05 1,000,000 cells/vial $600 per vial
Lung adenocarcinoma CAF CAF07-AD 1,000,000 cells $700.00
Lung squamous carcinoma CAF CAF07-S 1,000,000 cells $700.00
Pancreatic Stellate CAFs CAF08 1,000,000 cells/vial $1200 per vial
Human Primary Fibroblast Cell Line Derived From Pancreas Gland SC00A5 500,000 cells $450 per vial
Expansion Kits
Name Catalog # Quantity Price Add to Cart
Pancreatic CAF Co-Culture Kit CAF08, SC00A5, SC00B1-1 1,000,000 cells of CAF08, 500,000 cells of SC00A5 & 500mL of media $2000
Combination MSCs and Human Pancreatic Fibroblast Cells SC00A1-A5-B1 500,000 each for A1 and A5 500ml of media $800
Combination MSCs and Low Serum Media SC00A1-B1 500,000 cells A1 and 500 mL of media $410
Neural Stem Cell Expansion Kit SC00A1-NSC, NSCB1-1 1,000,000 cells, 500mL of media, (2) Laminin Coated T-25 $850
Combination Human Pancreatic Fibroblast Cells and Low Serum Media SC00A5-B1 500,000 A5 and 500 mL of media $420