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Vitro Biopharma Strategic Partners

Fisher Scientific is a laboratory supply and biotechnology company that provided products and services to the global scientific research and United States clinical laboratory markets. Our products are distributed through Fisher Scientific. Its customers included pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, colleges, universities, and secondary education institutions, medical research institution, hospitals and reference labs and quality control, process control and research and development laboratories.

Neuromics specializes in providing reagents and methods for the Neuroscience and Stem Cell Research Community. Neuromics, Inc. distributes numerous life science products in fields including cell-based assays, specialty biological supplies (antibodies, growth factors, hormones, etc) and products for transfection and apoptosis assay. Our products are distributed through Neuromics, Inc.

RNDr. Joseph Šmarda is a top immunologist, biochemist, a car racing driver and an athlete. He has a B.Sc. with revolutionary ideas and understands life. He established a new science branch applied immunology and became a world expert in it. He has opened his own immunology lab in Calgary. In 2004 he returned back to the Czech Republic to the immunology department in Nové Strašecí where there is a division of his company from Canada, nowadays owned by his family living in Canada. His experience helps both people with decreased immunity and professional sportsmen. He applies his knowledge to promote healthy lifestyles. He also gives lectures at many well-known universities and in biochemical companies like H. U. Hofmann AG, or Sanyo Trading Ltd. Tokyo.