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Cell Lines

We provide human stem cell lines and related primary cells for use in research, drug discovery/development and pre-clinical studies.  Our stem cell lines include adult cells known as MSCs (mesenchymal stem cells) that are gaining considerable support for clinical efficacy and safety in the treatment of a growing number of conditions.  We provide native MSCs derived from umbilical cord together with adipose-derived MSCs.  MSC derivatives include labeled MSCs (Fluorescent probes).  We also offer epigenetically reprogrammed MSCs for studies of expanded differentiation capacity.

We also provide a line of terminally differentiated cells derived from MSCs.  Our present offering includes chondrocytes, osteoblasts, neural stem cells, alpha-motor neurons, dopaminergic neurons, cardiomyocytes and proximal tubular epithelial cells.

We also provide a well-characterized human fibroblast pancreatic cell line for various research applications including generation of iPSCs, study of CAFs (cancer-associated fibroblasts) and vaccine production.  We also provide an expanding line of human CAFs including endometrial, ovarian, lung (squamous and adenocarcinoma), colorectal, breast, melanoma and pancreatic CAFs.

All of our cell lines are optimally supported by media manufactured by Vitro Biopharma and we provide combinations of media and cells as expansion kits.

Our cell lines are well-characterized with regard to species authentication using sensitive PCR methods to quantify non-conserved genes and karyotyping to authenticate our cell lines.  Adventitious agents are also tested negative by sensitive PCR methods including known viral contaminants and mycoplasma.  Performance is assured by rigorous testing of viability, growth rate and tri-lineage differentiation capacity for formation of chondrocytes, adipocytes and osteoblasts.  Our MSCs and derivatives are characterized with regard to phenotype by flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry as well.

Product (Click for Details) Size Price Purchase
Human endometrial adenocarcinoma 1,000,000 cells $650 ADD TO CART
Human ovarian serous tumor CAF 1,000,000 cells $650 ADD TO CART
Human colorectal CAFs 1,000,000 cells $650 ADD TO CART
Breast CAFs 1,000,000 cells $1,800 ADD TO CART
Lung adenocarcinoma CAF 1,000,000 cells $750 ADD TO CART
Lung squamous carcinoma CAF 1,000,000 cells $750 ADD TO CART
Pancreatic Stellate CAFs 1,000,000 cells $1,250 ADD TO CART
Human Melanoma CAFs 1,000,000 cells $900 ADD TO CART
Human Primary Fibroblast Cell Line Derived From Pancreas Gland 500,000 cells $500 ADD TO CART
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Combination MSCs and Human Pancreatic Fibroblast Cells SC00A1-A5-B1 $915 ADD TO CART

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