Our Products

We are competitors with our proprietary formulations, technical know-how and patent-pending technology yielding substantial competitive advantages. We manufacture MSC-Gro media for all cellular manufacturing yielding further cost savings and additional manufacturing efficiencies.
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Cell Culture Media

We offer various formulations of MSCs and primary cell cultures with numerous competitive advantages.

Cell Lines

Our cell lines include Umbilical Cord Blood derived MSCs, Adipose derived MSCs, Fluorescent Labeled MSCs, Cancer Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs), and Differentiated MSCs

Nurtavivo Supplements

Scientifically Formulated To Support Brain Function!
  • Activate Stem Cells to Migrate and Produce New Stem Cells
  • Activate Anti-Aging Genes
  • Improve Cellular Health
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Promote Faster Healing and Recovery

MSC-GroTM Testimonials

Marc Penn Lab Cleveland Clinic

“Using MSC-GroTM, we recovered 16.1-fold more rat MSCs; 1.97-fold more rat cardiomyocytes (H9C2); & 15.5-fold more rat cardiac fibroblasts compared to our standard media.”

University of Colorado, Department of Cardiology

“Using MSC-GroTM, I was able to recover viable cultures from dying cultures using our standard media.”

Beike Biotech, Inc.

“We are testing almost 10 kind of mediums from different makers. The result is that your MSC-GroTM is most powerful candidate among them.”

Ben Buehrer, Ph.D., Vice President & CSO, Zen Bio

We tested the effects of MSC-GroTM defined medium using several different lots of human adult primary stem cells and found that MSC-GroTM supports a more robust proliferation rate than normal undefined media. This provided shorter doubling times and increased cellular yield, and maintained the cells in an undifferentiated state. We also found that MSC-GroTM medium is stable under normal laboratory conditions for an extended time period compared to other defined media. Based on the results of our testing, I can highly recommend the use of MSC-GroTM defined media to support the growth and maintenance of adult human stem cells in culture.”