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Biomarker profiling plays an important role in drug discovery, diagnostics and molecular medicine because the link between genes, proteins and disease. As researchers study defective proteins that cause particular diseases, their findings will help develop new drugs that either alter the shape of a defective protein or mimic a missing one. Advances in biomarker profiling may help scientists eventually create medications that target the individuals disease to be more effective and have fewer side effects. Current research is looking at protein families linked to diseases including cancer, inflammation, immunology, neurodegenerative diseases and heart disease.

The Luminex xMAP® Technology performs discrete assays on the surface of color coded beads known as microspheres, which are then read in a compact analyzer. The microspheres are read using multiple lasers or LEDs and high-speed digital-signal processors, the analyzer reads multiplex assay results by reporting the reactions occurring on each individual microsphere. All assays are ran through a high throughput quality control in order to validate and verify the accuracy and precision of each assay.

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