Stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine are new and upcoming medical treatments. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that reside throughout the body that give rise to other kinds of cell types (neurons, heart cells, bone cells, etc.) Recently these cells have been studied for anti-aging effects, reversing blindness, regenerating cartilage, etc. Bone marrow derived stem cell therapy has been used for over 50 years in the treatment of blood cancers including leukemia, lymphoma, and auto-immune disorders.

FDA has enforced strict regulations on US-based stem cell clinics for unapproved therapies. The FDA classifies stem cells as a “drug”.  Approval of these therapies involves a long and expensive process including several FDA submissions and extensive clinical trials without guarantees of approval.

So if we want stem cell therapy, but are unable to get it, how can we get it? The answer is simple, activate your own stem cells within your body. Vitro Biopharma has developed a novel formulation of natural substances that have been shown to activate stem cells within the body. Why would you need this? Stem cells reside throughout the body in an “inactive” state until injury or inflammation occur. These natural substances keep the stem cells in an “active” state so these cells can help heal and provide therapy to the body. These natural substances are NutraVivoDietary Supplements (Brain Grow Activator, Brain Grow Stimulator and Brain Grow Energizer) that have been shown to activate, migrate, and reprogram stem cells. The stem cells then express higher levels of anti-aging genes, anti-inflammatory properties, and overall cellular health.

A study showed the effect of NutraVivo Dietary Supplements on fat derived stem cells of a patient taking NutraVivo Dietary Supplements, compared to others (Patient A & Patient B) who did not take any “activating supplements”. The patient taking NutraVivo Dietary Supplements had a 10-fold increase of healthy cells (shown in graph), with an increase in cellular energy, and 2-fold faster stem cell growth rate.

The NutraVivo Dietary Supplements activate our stem cells by stimulating the CXCR4 and MMP9 pathways that are important in stem cell migration and growth. The increased expression and activity of the CXCR4 and MMP9 pathways improve therapeutic outcomes by activation of stem cells. The combination of NutraVivo™ Dietary Supplements has been shown to improve cellular health through anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects including increased expression of an anti-aging gene, Sirt1.

Studies have shown that NutraVivo Dietary Supplements, activate anti-aging genes, migrate stem cells to site of injury or inflammation, and promote the production of new stem cells throughout our body.

So, if you’re looking for a healthier body and mind, taking NutraVivo Dietary Supplements will begin your stem cell rejuvenation.

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