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“Using MSC-GroTM, we recovered 16.1-fold more rat MSCs; 1.97-fold more rat cardiomyocytes (H9C2); & 15.5-fold more rat cardiac fibroblasts compared to our standard media.”

Marc Penn Lab Cleveland Clinic


“Using MSC-GroTM, I was able to recover viable cultures from dying cultures using our standard media.”

University of Colorado, Department of Cardiology


“We tested the effects of MSC-GroTM defined medium using several different lots of human adult primary stem cells and found that MSC-GroTM supports a more robust proliferation rate than normal undefined media. This provided shorter doubling times and increased cellular yield, and maintained the cells in an undifferentiated state. We also found that MSC-GroTM medium is stable under normal laboratory conditions for an extended time period compared to other defined media. Based on the results of our testing, I can highly recommend the use of MSC-GroTM defined media to support the growth and maintenance of adult human stem cells in culture.”

Ben Buehrer, Ph.D., Vice President & CSO, Zen Bio


“We are testing almost 10 kind of mediums from different makers. The result is that your MSC-GroTM is most powerful candidate among them.”

Beike Biotech, Inc.


“We injected human MSCs grown in MSC-GroTM into rats without any adverse events and our results showed reversal of apoptosis in an ischemic animal model of stroke.” View Publication

Univeristy of Illinois-Peoria, Department of Cancer Biology and Pharmacology

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